Sunday, January 13, 2008

Getting Back on Track...

So I'm working on my 101 things to do in 1001 days - you can check out my 101 things on the side of my blog. I haven't gotten much done yet, I don't want to make excuses, but a friend passed away recently and I've been a bit discouraged and sad since her death. However, I've realized that she was the type of person that would not really let anything get in her way, and probably would kick me in the butt to get busy, so I am determined to get back on track starting today!

I've managed to write in my written journal almost every day which I hope to keep up with. I've been drinking more water. I cleaned the bathroom pretty thoroughly in the last week which is a task I hate doing. There are a few goals that are easier than others on my list, but some require time and planning and/or money.

I think the next one I will complete is sending a Congratulations card to my cousin as he got engaged over Christmas. You would think this would not need to be a goal, but we don't talk and haven't seen each other in some time. He's on my dad's side and ever since my dad passed away when I was 15, I've had very little contact with that side of the family. At one time in life, I would have said this cousin was my best friend as we were only a year and 3 days apart in age, and I had always wanted someone who was like a big brother to me, but we moved away and I saw him less and less. There has been so much drama over the years with my grandmother that most days it is just easier this way, but I want to at least try to resolve the ill feelings that are there. All I can do is try, and if they are not willing than I can at least feel good about trying.

I never really got going on the photo a day but I am going to start that again. I have posted a few times between this blog and my livejournal, and I've taken some photos, but not enough to feel like I've worked on my goals. Well as they say, today is a new day and I won't give up on being successful. Besides, this list is for me, not anyone else, so the measure of my progress and how I feel about failure and success at this is all up to me. I signed up for this challenge to see what I could accomplish, so we'll see where the JOURNEY takes us!

Until next time :)

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