Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yay, my own lilttle Travelocity Gnome!

So as part of a Facebook contest I recently won my very own version of the Travelocity Gnome.

He's being shipped to me as I type this. Such a small little thing to be happy about but I think he's cute. I also think it will be fun to add a new little bit of inspiration to my reason for photographing a million things.

And that was part of how I won the little gnome - I had to explain where I would take him so I could take his photo and add to his travel tales.

My plan was to take him on my own little Amazing Race of Ottawa, Ontario and show him all the touristy places people should visit when they tour the city.

First stop: Andrew Hayden Park to snap him with the Canadian Geese
Second stop: Parliament Hill at the Peace Tower or the Flame
Third stop: Next a stroll through the Byward Market
Fourth stop: A photo op in front of the Spider at the National Art Gallery
Fifth stop: What's next but a little drink - a pint at an Ottawa Pub

And from there who knows where the adventure would take us next!

I wish I would receive him before Canada Day because it would be great to take another photo of him in front of a backdrop of Fireworks...

Ahh the possibilities are endless...

Until next time :)