Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photo Fun

Playing around with my flickr account, I created a few mosaics.

Since I'm beginning to think about getting organized for Christmas, I thought I would share a few Christmas/Winter themed photos with my very own mosaic from my flickr photos:

1. Mhmmm... Candy Cane Latte, 2. Smiling, 3. Santa, 4. gift

Until next time :)

o/` I Just Call You Mine o/`

Love this song:

Martina McBride - I Just Call You Mine (Official Music Video)
Watch more amazing videos here

I pinch myself
Sometimes to make sure I'm not in a dream
That's how it seems

I close my eyes and breathe in the sweetest moments I've ever known
It feels like home

And here I am
I want to be your everything
There you are
Turning winter into spring

And everyone that sees you
Always wants to know you
And everyone that knows you
Always has a smile
You're a standing ovation
After years of waiting
For a chance to finally shine
Everyone calls you amazing
I just call you mine

I fall apart
And just a word from you
Somehow seems to fix
Whatever's wrong
You reach into the weakest moments and remind me that I'm strong
You gotta know
I'd be a fool not to see or even worse to forget
That you're more than I deserve

Cause everyone that sees you
Always wants to know you
And everyone that knows you
Always has a smile
You're a standing ovation
After years of waiting
For a chance to finally shine
Everyone calls you amazing
I just call you mine

Nothing makes sense when you're not here
As if my whole world disappears
Without you what's the point of it

Cause everyone that sees you
Always wants to know you
And everyone that knows you
Always has a smile
You're the dream that I've been chasing
After years of waiting
For a chance to finally shine
Everyone calls you amazing
I just call you mine
Everyone calls you amazing
I just call you mine

Thinking about putting this on the list to use as my wedding song as my significant other always makes me feel like I am amazing. He believes in me and is always showing me how he feels about me.

Until next time :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let freedom reign...

Yesterday was Rememberance Day, I am grateful for the sacrifices past & present soldiers made on our behalf. I watched services held at the Ottawa War Memorial where our Veterans were remembered and honored.

My grandfather fought in the war, my uncle is a Korean war vet who was 16 when he lied about his age and enlisted. I'm proud to say they both made it home safely from their respective wars.

I am thankful for their service, for the freedom they gained for us to live a full life in a safe and peaceful world.

Until next time :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat ~ a Happy Hallowe'en!

After a rainy morning, the sun came out around 3pm to warm up the wet ground just in time for a windy but dry Hallowe'en.

Barb, Kay & Zack posing after trick or treating at the first house of the night

We visited a few of the neighbours and then went back to our old neighbourhood in Barrhaven to trick or treat at some houses we knew.

Zack's first Hallowe'en meant we had to teach him to say trick or treat. After the first few houses, he realized he would get a lollipop or some other candy when he asked these 3 simple words. He began to say 'Trick or Treat, gimmee pop pop please!' (pop pop is what Z calls lollipops, his favorite treat). I am so glad that they were both so good and waited when other kids ran around my niece to get to a door faster, and that they both said thank you after receiving treats at each house.

Pumpkin Patrol was out in Barrhaven. It's great that the people that work at Rogers volunteer to do this every year as having the presence in the neighbourhood seems to help keep the streets a little safer.

Thanks Pumpkin Patrol!

After a while, we put Zack in the stroller and let Kay trick or treat a little faster then waiting for her almost 3 year old brother to get out of his stroller and up to the door for every house. It didn't matter as they definitely had enough candy to share at the end of the night.

Funnily enough, when we were done in Barrhaven I realized I wasn't quite 100 per cent sure where I'd put the car when we parked on one of the many side streets. It's a maze, that neighbourhood, I tell you it is!

I'm a landmark person and knew it was on the side street next to the 3 sided house on the corner of one of the main neighbourhood streets, so we began to look as we had only covered a few blocks before turning back towards the car. It was where Kay thought it was, and we put the stroller and the kids in the car and off we went.

After a stop at Tim Horton's for coffee and a bathroom break, the kids scored a few free tidbits because the quiet location was delighted by my niece & nephew's costumes and their antics.

It was a great night, we all had such a fun time even with a few costume malfunctions due to too much wind at first.

Until next time :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

o/` California Dreaming o/`

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
on a winter's day
Fall is my favorite season.

I love Fall weather.

(Shot of Park Bench in Bate Island Rest Area)

The sun still shines during the day reminding us of the Summer's hot days; but the cool crisp air reminds us that winter is on it's way just around the corner. I love that it is cool enough for a sweater, but a jacket is not needed just yet.

I love all the Fall colors.

Brilliant Red, Orange and Yellows swirling in the wind and finally falling off the trees.

(Shot of the city and changing leaves from above)

And then the stark contrast as the trees lose their leaves and come to rest against a grey sky for the long winter season.

(Shoreline in Kingston on Thanksgiving Monday 2009)

I love the smell and tastes of the season.

Hot chocolate, vanilla, apple cider and cinnamon that reminds me of Fall mornings. Of apples fresh from the Orchard, hot soups to warm you from the inside out. All the holiday goodies like Hallowe'en candy; Turkey, pumpkin and apple pie warm from the oven at Thanksgiving; shortbread cookies, butter tarts, fruitcake, and turkey with all the fixings at Christmas.

(Shot of our Thanksgiving Turkey 2009 - 1st Turkey attempt ever)

I love the way Fall makes me think about the cycle of life.

Perhaps it's the nesting and preparation for Winter or just an unconcious inclination towards hibernation; but I often find myself thinking about my role in the world, my family, and my own life at this time of year.

Reflecting on a new school year for my niece; remembering September 11th; getting back into the groove at work after a summer full of fun and play with a lighter workload; finding a routine that works; being thankful for what I have and taking time to reflect on that at Thanksgiving; remembering our fallen soldiers and veterans on Rememberance Day; and then getting ready to enjoy another holiday season that always comes so fast.

(My nephew, my niece and I - October 2009)

There are so many reasons I love this season. I just wish Fall was not the bearer of the bad news every year that Winter will soon be here...

Until next time :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Five Happy Thoughts

1. Saturday Morning Brunch:

eggsandtoast chp2009

2: New Headphones:

3. My Word for 2009:

4. Taking photos:

5. Spending a lazy afternoon at the park:

Until next time :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Restless Nights

Lately I've been having a bit of trouble sleeping.

Maybe it is the one cup of coffee I like to spoil myself with every morning - either an extra large Timmy's double double or a french vanilla Treats coffee depending on how late I'm running as I leave for work...

Maybe it is the shift in the weather - warm afternoons after a day in a cool office...

Maybe it is the dreams I've been having after seeing the latest Final Destination Movie in 3D on Saturday night... why did I say yes to this flick ?

Or perhaps it is that after the commute home, I've been guilty of having a nap so when bedtime arrives, I can't sleep...

I even tried to go to bed early on Monday night and found myself staring at the ceiling for almost 2 hours before I fell asleep.

Whatever the case, it's messed my whole routine up and I tend to be leaving for work about 10 minutes too late to arrive at work just in time because I cannot pull myself from my warm bed early enough on cool Fall mornings...

So back to the drawing board to figure out what to do to sort out my weird sleeping patterns.

Until next time :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

For Today

Borrowed from the Lemons to Lemonade Blog:

I am enjoying the sound of children playing and little birds singing to each other

I really need to take time for myself every day

An exercise routine is a lot of hard work

The love & laughter that lights up my life

Smell of cinnamon and freshly made tea

Red tank top and shorts

To spend time at my desk today, to create!

My Sister's Keeper

Playing with my journal today, we'll see what happens...

To find balance in the day to day

o/` So Beautiful o/` by Jarvis Church

Dishes to take care of, some tidying to do

Editing my photos from a fun day of picture taking, love the little moments that make life worthwhile

Besides work, some more photos perhaps

Visiting the ducks at Bate Island:

Until next time :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Five Happy Thoughts

Listening to my loved ones singing when they think no one is listening... so cute!

Feeling proud of myself for following through on exercise: great aquafit workout yesterday.

Loving how much my nephew loves my SUV - makes him excited just to hear the horn beep... I love hearing him say "My Car" over and over when he sees it.

Picked up my free photo prints yesterday. Just seeing these little pieces that capture moments from my little world makes me smile.

Reflecting on a Sunday afternoon with a great cup of coffee.

Until next time :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friendship is such a blessing

I didn't realize until recently just how much I missed a dear friend of mine who I haven't seen in way too long...

I have known his family for years and have been friends with him since the eighth grade. We have spent so much time together throughout the years, but I fell out of touch with him over the last 3 or 4 years... I knew what he was up to as my little sister is friends with his little sister, so she kept me in the loop; but we hadn't really talked in some time.

I stopped to visit him on my way back from Montreal, a long overdue visit as he moved back to the area from Toronto in March. He moved into a beautiful house with his brother which didn't surprise me as they are so close.

He is lucky enough to be able to work from home; so I knew there was a chance he would be around. I'm glad I took the chance because since it was one of the few sunny days this summer, he was outside mowing the lawn. I spent some time catching up with him before his mom and dad showed up for a visit. He showed me the house, we talked a bit, and then he invited me to an informal housewarming him and his brother were having that weekend.

Just spending this little bit of time with an old friend who is so comfortable to be around, so kind, funny, and charming; made me remember why we are friends in the first place... And although so much time has passed, we were able to talk about anything and everything just like we always have been.

So although he lives an hour outside of the city, I plan to make more of an effort to cherish his friendship and not take what we have for granted now that we're closer in distance than we once were.

There is nothing like the blessing of a good friendship, full of love and laughter.

Until next time :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Five Happy Thoughts:

Good friends - I am so blessed to have friends I can count on in good & bad times.

My niece & nephew who bring me smiles, love and laughter.

A good man who loves me for me on my good & bad days.

My beloved Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi - I agonized about spending so much money but oh I love it and how it helps me to capture the moments that make life precious.

Road Trips - I cannot explain the freedom, the rejuvenation just a little time driving, listening to tunes and documenting life in photos can do to appease my soul. I think this has to do with my wandering spirit and the fact that I used to move around a lot so leaving for a little while restores that feeling of adventure.

Until next time :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Ms, K :)

My Niece is 7 years old today - my lil ladybug is growing up right before my eyes.

Hope you are enjoying celebrating your birthday! We definitely feel blessed to have you in our lives.

As my sister and I went shopping yesterday, I gave K an early birthday present of an Archie Comic Book, a swimsuit for a possible swimming outing today, and goggles that she liked so much she didn't want to take them off for hours.

Until next time :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Be safe wherever you go to enjoy Canada's Birthday!

R & R was the mantra of my day which ended in watching Parliament's Fireworks on the 17th floor balcony (edited at about 10:30pm to post the fireworks):

Until next time :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today - June 28, 2009

Outside my window... The rain is falling lightly on the earth.

I am thinking... that it is going to be a great week!

I am thankful for... a sweet man who loves me for me.

From the kitchen... yummy tomato & cheese sandwich with mayo as it's pretty hot outside.

I am wearing... a pretty dress, black and white print with a scallop sort of bottom

I am creating... an entry in my art journal

I am going... to go to bed soon so when 5am comes I'll be ready to crawl out of bed.

I am reading... My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

I am hoping... to be able to fit in both a free Stevie Wonder concert at Jazz Fest in Montreal June 30th and a free concert on Parliament Hill on Canada Day where Sarah Mclachlan will be performing!

I am hearing... The humming of the portable fan, Not My Time by 3 Doors Down on my laptop

Around the house... Dishes to do, lunch to make for work tomorrow, a warm bed I want to climb into... soon.

One of my favorite things... photography!

Until next time :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And I thought I loved you then o/`

Love the new song on the radio from Brad Paisley's upcoming album - American Saturday Night being released on June 30th, 2009.

I will always deny being a country music fan, but my parents always played it and it is still the main station in my mom's van. Hank Williams Jr., Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, George Strait, Martina McBride, Kenny Rogers, Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn are just a few of many artists my parents listened to at home.

I must have mellowed in my older years because although it's not the main station I listen to, I have it programmed too. I guess it's hard not to be influenced by a music genre when you've been listening to it since you've been a little girl.

So I must admit, I was not surprised how much I love Brad Paisley's new song: Then. I guess what surprised me was how much it reminds me of my relationship.

Every time I hear this song, the lyrics make me think of the man I love and how I know I am lucky to be loved like this. I hope he always knows how lucky I feel to have him in my life, how much he means to me and that every moment we spend together is so special.

Then By Brad Paisley

I remember trying not to stare
The night that I first met you,
You had me mesmerized,
And three weeks later,
In the front porch light,
Taking 45 minutes to kiss goodnight.
I hadn't told you then,
That I thought I loved you then

And now you're my whole life,
And now you're my whole world,
And I just can't believe the way I feel about you girl,
Like a river needs the sea, stronger than it's ever been,
We've come so far since that day,
And I thought I loved you then

And I remember taking you back to right where I first met you,
You were so surprised.
There were people around, but I didn't care,
I got down on one knee right there,
And once again
I thought I loved you then

And now you're my whole life,
Now you're my whole world,
And I just can't believe the way I feel about you girl,
Like a river needs the sea, stronger than it's ever been,
We've come so far since that day,
And I thought I loved you then

I can just see you, with a baby on the way
I can just see you, when your hair is turning gray
What I can't see is how I'm ever gonna love you more
But I've said that before

And now your my whole life
Now your my whole world
I just can't believe the way I feel about you girl,
We'll look back someday at this moment that we're in
And I'll look at you and say
And I thought I loved you then
And I thought I loved you then

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dreaming Of Far Away Places ~ Jamaica Day 1

So in May 2009, my sister and I took a week long vacation in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Her Husband is from Jamaica and has some family there who visited us during our stay. It was a fantastic vacation and has my wanderlust in full throttle as to where I could possibly go next.

I thought I'd post a few of the 1500 photos I took while there - yeah I know that's a crazy amount of photos, but I wanted to remember every moment. Also, I was taking photos for myself and my sister. No pressure in taking the photos of her husband's family to bring back home, thankfully he's liked my photos of their children at home.

The first day we relaxed once we finally made it to our destination, and let me tell you how glad I was to see my sister's name on a poster attached to our driver. Once we got to the apartment we were staying in and unpacked a bit, we enjoyed a lovely nap as it was soooo hot. Then our driver collected us to go grocery shopping at the Supermarket where we bought lots of liquids - water & juices, and a few staples like bread and coffee.

Some of the staples: Great Blue Mountain Coffee

Last but not least in our food shopping for the day - we stopped to buy some fruits at the local market with our driver.

Our first dinner adventure was at the Pelican Grill:

It looked pretty nice on the outside, a little upscale from the other restaurants we saw on the strip a few blocks away from our apartment complex. My sister ordered curried goat, I had chicken and rice & peas and we both had a drink to celebrate Mother's Day and our safe arrival in Jamaica. Dinner here was our first lesson in the laissez-faire attitude of the island - Soon Come - meaning things happen when they happen. Dinner tasted pretty good when it arrived.

My sister enjoyed the goat but the rice was a little dried out. My chicken was tender and yummy, but the rice & peas was different than the dish my sister's husband makes - I thought it was missing the coconut milk that he uses. Overall it was still a good meal, the drinks were pretty strong, and although it turned out to be a bit expensive it was a great end to a long day of travelling.

Until next time :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Try, try and try again...

So it's been a little while again...

Story of my life - I start a huge project as I get all inspired and in the beginning I get all swept up in the process of creating until life gets hectic and said project gets left by the wayside...

However, I loved the idea of a place to post my photos more and talk about them and the moments that make life precious, so I am going to do my best to post on a regular basis and we'll see how it goes.

In May I went to Jamaica with my sister for a week, it was a beautiful vacation where I took almost 1500 photos - a little crazy I know, but I wanted to capture the beauty of the island and all the moments of our trip that we enjoyed together.

This is the apartment we stayed in for the week. My sister's husband is from Jamaica and his 2 daughters who live in Mandeyville were joining us for a few days in Montego Bay. They were lovely, fun and so friendly to us; we couldn't have asked for better companions in part of our stay.

Until next time :)