Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One Little Word

Inspired by the talented Ali Edwards I decided to choose just one word to describe what 2008 will mean to me. I thought of many words that might apply, but the one that I kept coming back to again and again is a word I use often to symbolize and describe many aspects of my life.

I believe the word that will mean a lot to me this year will be:


I am on my journey to wls, my journey to living a healthier life, to showing I can do something for myself, to being a wiser and stronger me.

As always, I am on a journey in exploring my faith and beliefs.

My employment options have brought me on quite a bumpy journey the last few years, but I truly believe the journey this year will be professional development where my job will be concerned.

I will believe I can journey towards my goals to fulfill my list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days that begins today!

And above all in this journey, I will believe in myself.

So thank you for sharing yet another JOURNEY with me ;)

Until next time :)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

o/` Auld Lang Syne o/`

So it's been awhile, the holidays have been a lil hectic but good.

We were lucky to get to celebrate two festive days of Christmas this year. My mother is such a giving woman that she agreed to hold our Christmas dinner on December 23rd so that I could join Sean, my partner with his family in Kingston for Christmas Day.

The tree at my mom's - she has yorkshire terriers, hence the yorkie angel on the top of her tree:

We enjoyed a Christmas afternoon dinner with my mom, where I gave my niece her big present (a little tykes digital camera) and we received so many nice gifts from my mom and her partner too. My mom bought me cute pjs, winnie seat covers for my van, a cute 'girls night out' themed piggy bank, little hersey travel mugs, a vaccuum that we received in the fall, and many other little things.

I worked Christmas Eve while Sean was off running the rest of our errands to pick up last minute gifts and pack the car to head off to visit Sean's family until Boxing Day in Kingston. We shared Christmas with his mom and grandparents. It was lovely as it was not too busy and was rather relaxing. His grandparents treat us both like gold and his mom is always easy to talk to.

The lovely set dinner table at Sean's grandparents:

We don't have set plans for New Year's Eve as we're both working and may not be able to getaway early; so as long as Sean and I start another year - 2008 - together, I'm happy. I am a true believer of the old wive's tale that if a couple is apart on New Year's Eve, that they may not spend the rest of the year together either.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!

Hoping 2008 is full of many wonderful moments of love and laughter!

Until next time :)