Saturday, October 27, 2007

Little Moments

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

Way back in high school, I chose this quote for my yearbook graduation blurb as a reminder of those awkward growing years. I believed that life would not wait for anyone.

No matter what decisions I tried to make at that stage in life, I really had no idea how things would work out. As time has gone by, I have learned that no matter how much you try to plan things, life happens and it's our reactions to those events that help us to grow into the people we are meant to be.

When I was looking for the perfect quote for the yearbook as I was approaching high school graduation, these words were painted on a wall as graffiti in the movie 'Kuffs' with Christian Slater. They jumped out at me, screaming for me to brand these words into my memory.

I knew this would be my quote.

I don't think I really understood back then how applicable this quote would be to my life. When I do take time to reflect about the past and where it has brought me to today, I remind myself that life is not about having everything mapped out that we forget to just enjoy the little moments that happen day to day that bring our big picture into focus.

So when I realized along my journey that those words I attributed to Christian Slater's character were indeed the lyrics of a great musician, John Lennon, I was even more in awe of these profound words.

I have to laugh because I believe it was another movie that I felt strongly about - Mr. Holland's Opus - that led me to realize the lyrics were from the song 'Beautiful Boy'. I've always been partial to music, it invokes such strong emotions in me as I tend to associate a memory with a song, or a catchy upbeat tempo has the power to take me from a miserable day to a happier place.

So in all this, I guess I just wanted to say that sometimes when I'm not able to get creative when I want to due to time, work or other distractions because life is happening all around me that I am just busy enjoying the little moments...

Speaking of moments and people that capture my heart:

My nephew, Zack, who in January will be one year old (it goes by so fast) hanging out with the love of my life - Sean.

Until next time :)