Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friendship is such a blessing

I didn't realize until recently just how much I missed a dear friend of mine who I haven't seen in way too long...

I have known his family for years and have been friends with him since the eighth grade. We have spent so much time together throughout the years, but I fell out of touch with him over the last 3 or 4 years... I knew what he was up to as my little sister is friends with his little sister, so she kept me in the loop; but we hadn't really talked in some time.

I stopped to visit him on my way back from Montreal, a long overdue visit as he moved back to the area from Toronto in March. He moved into a beautiful house with his brother which didn't surprise me as they are so close.

He is lucky enough to be able to work from home; so I knew there was a chance he would be around. I'm glad I took the chance because since it was one of the few sunny days this summer, he was outside mowing the lawn. I spent some time catching up with him before his mom and dad showed up for a visit. He showed me the house, we talked a bit, and then he invited me to an informal housewarming him and his brother were having that weekend.

Just spending this little bit of time with an old friend who is so comfortable to be around, so kind, funny, and charming; made me remember why we are friends in the first place... And although so much time has passed, we were able to talk about anything and everything just like we always have been.

So although he lives an hour outside of the city, I plan to make more of an effort to cherish his friendship and not take what we have for granted now that we're closer in distance than we once were.

There is nothing like the blessing of a good friendship, full of love and laughter.

Until next time :)