Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Much Needed Inspiration

I am human. I have flaws. Really, I do...

One of those flaws that I am willing to admit is that I am not so good on the follow through... meaning I have a habit of starting things and not always finishing them.

So after realizing that I don't tend to update my blog on a regular basis - in fact it is almost like I forget it exists at times - I thought I'd like to challenge myself and try to write more.

My goal is to write and update once a week.

I feel I can do this at the very least, however, in trying to keep my list of 101 things on track, I was not so successful in even updating as minimal as once per week. I realize as much as I think I can be successful at more, I will start with this small plan to update weekly and see how I do.

I am hopeful in taking this small step in following through with something that I enjoy but never can seem to find the time to do.

When I get home in the evening, I either fall asleep due to a long day at my full time job, or am in a rush to get ready so I am not late for my part time job where I work about 25 hours a week. So by the time I get the little things done that require my attention, I don't have a lot of time for myself.

I love taking photos, I love documenting life; so hopefully I will make a new start yet again and continue documenting the precious momments that are my life.

Until next time :)