Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Sun Is Always There, Just Behind The Clouds...

I took this picture of the sun rising last Sunday, April 20th at 7:00am when we left home to start the drive to Toronto for a doctor's appointment I had on Monday. We picked up my mom in Kemptville and then started out on my journey.

It was a quick trip with us coming back Monday night, but was definitely worth the travelling. We were lucky and had beautiful weather and were lucky to stay with my aunt and uncle in Burlington overnight who we had not seen in some time so as well I got to enjoy their company the night before a stressful appointment with the surgeon to discuss gastric bypass surgery. We sat out on the patio, my uncle barbequed pork tenderloin and my aunt as always had made a lovely dinner for everyone.

The appointment went well, the wait was worthwhile as I am now on this waiting list for surgery and although I have many things to do before that, I am happy to hear that the wait is six to eight months and not one to three years like I had originally been told. I feel like things are finally going my way - my new government job begins in less than two weeks; I was so unsure about this appointment and it went well; and I still have an appoinment in June in Utica, New York to see about perhaps having surgery sooner, perhaps within a six to eight week period instead of months, but we'll see as I won't make my decision until I have all the information.

I feel as this sun is rising on a new day, that the better life I want for myself is within my grasp and the journey although long is very worthwhile.

Until next time :)