Monday, April 5, 2010

Winding Down After A Long Weekend...

Yesterday was a really good day...

Spent time with my family, enjoyed some good weather & great company during a busy long weekend.

Saw the Easter Bunny - never too old to believe in holiday magic:

After a busy day visiting with family, I spent some time winding down in a beautiful place - Andrew Hayden Park.

I like to go here because it is always busy with people enjoying the weather, the water or the birds...

The sunset was so beautiful, I was lucky to catch it before it set. The air was crisp with a little wind as the warm weather left with the sunshine.

In spending some time there taking some photos, I realized it is probably time that I took another photo of myself.

I was standing on a ledge of rocks behind the tree and was over as far as I could be without falling off the ledge. Except for the wind making my hair a little crazy, I was relaxed & feeling good about the day, so I decided to ask someone to snap a photo for me and I am pretty happy with how it came out.

Until next time :)