Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot Summer Nights...

Outside my window...
The stars are shining brightly on an early summer night.

I am thinking... that time is passing so quickly!

I am thankful for... a friend who trusted me to speak on her special day.

From the kitchen... yummy tomato & cheese sandwich with mayo for a late night snack as I missed dinner and it was pretty hot outside today.

I am wearing... a dark grey tank top, a red printed blouse, a black jersey skirt and my white flip flops.

I am creating... memories to last a lifetime.

I am going... to put away the banana bread as it's cooling right now.

I am reading... Anne Rice's Memnoch the Devil

I am hoping... the sun will shine for M & D's wedding Friday afternoon.

I am hearing... the television still on as it's too warm to sleep.

Around the house... Dishes done, banana bread cooling, lunch to make for work tomorrow, and a warm bed I want to climb into... soon.

One of my favorite things... inushtuk sculptures!

Until next time :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Kingston, Ontario - May 22nd, 2010 - Road trip with my sister & niece.

It's about time: Reflecting, Re-evaluating and Rebuilding

I have realized that I need to make things more simple.

I want to feel inspired and excited about blogging, about writing again...

Instead I've taken so much time to think I need to perfect the space I blog in, that I've lost sight of what I wanted in the first place:

A blog that reflects who I am & lets me share the photos I love

I love the thought of a blog of my photos. I strive to update with more content and then fall by the wayside because real life keeps me busier than I'd like to be in order to update more.

And then I also think that my blog has to be so much more perfect than just what inspires little old me.

So in an effort not to try to be so stubborn, I will stop worrying about what anyone else thinks or does and just keep it simple: my passion - photos that only need a few words to tell the story of the life I love so much.

Until next time :)