Monday, March 24, 2008

Beautiful Butterflies...

Recently Kay and I decided we wanted to try completing the Weekend Creative Prompt from Ali Edwards website to make a Spring Mobile. I asked Kay after looking at other photos of mobiles on Flickr what kind of mobile she would want to make, and she liked Ali's butterflies so much that she decided she would like to make a butterfly one as well.

So Friday night last week, I stopped at Michael's to pick up a dowel to hang the finished butterflies from, and some wooden butterflies. I was sure I had enough paints, sparkles and embellishments in my scrapbooking and craft supplies to finish the butterflies. I bought 8 butterflies but we only ended up using 6 and I think that will be more than enough to space across my bathroom window.

So Saturday afternoon, we decided to paint the butterflies. Kay decided on yellow, purple and blue, so I painted mine the same colors. We finished the painting the next day and then began to decorate the butterflies. We added stamps, glitter, sparkles and even mettalic daisies:

My first yellow butterfly - painted, then mod podged to hold the glitter sparkles on to the paint and then I added a daisy to give it some depth.

Kay's first buttefly - painted blue, then stamped with ink on star and heart foam stamps, then she added glitter and her own daisy.

So even though I am not a great artist when it involves anything besides scrapbooking, I thought we did a great job, it makes me smile whenever I see it as it reminds me of the fun we had making it too.

Until next time :)