Sunday, June 13, 2010


Kingston, Ontario - May 22nd, 2010 - Road trip with my sister & niece.

It's about time: Reflecting, Re-evaluating and Rebuilding

I have realized that I need to make things more simple.

I want to feel inspired and excited about blogging, about writing again...

Instead I've taken so much time to think I need to perfect the space I blog in, that I've lost sight of what I wanted in the first place:

A blog that reflects who I am & lets me share the photos I love

I love the thought of a blog of my photos. I strive to update with more content and then fall by the wayside because real life keeps me busier than I'd like to be in order to update more.

And then I also think that my blog has to be so much more perfect than just what inspires little old me.

So in an effort not to try to be so stubborn, I will stop worrying about what anyone else thinks or does and just keep it simple: my passion - photos that only need a few words to tell the story of the life I love so much.

Until next time :)

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