Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to the Real World

So as usual, life is busy with work and all the other stuff that makes the every day a little less normal.

I'm still trying to get my mixed tape layout together - it took me awhile to figure out what I would include on my ultimate mix tape rather than my music of the moment. I listen to anything and everything besides rap, so narrowing it down to a list that might fit on a layout and how to document that list has become a bit daunting. However I hope to finish this one on Saturday morning, so I can catch up on the lay outs I've missed in my late start to the This Is Me challenge.

At least I can still depend on the world around me to inspire my photographic muse. The picture below is a magnetic board I bought at IKEA after seeing people's inspiration boards on flickr. I added some photos, some homemade magnets, and some postcards but am far from finished. The photo of this board sort of loses the depth, as does the white wall it is hanging on, but hopefully you get the idea...

Well I'm off to the real world (work) soon, but I'm hoping to snap some shots before as it's a beautiful sunshiney day!

Until next time :)

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