Sunday, August 8, 2010

o/` August i'll see you soon, under yellow moons...

Five Happy Thoughts:

1. Enjoyed a leisurely day with great friends who I have known a long time at their 2nd annual family bbq

2. Cupcakes - I really shouldn't eat them, but sharing them once in awhile from the Candy Store in Westboro is just too much temptation... Cupcakes are a featured item on Saturdays, the menu is posted monthly and they are just so delicious... July 31st's flavours were Ginger Lemon or Cherry, we shared one of each and they were just so delicious

3. Free wifi at Starbucks makes it easier to enjoy a little me time on the go. I love the atmosphere and enjoy a good cold mocha frappuccino on these hot summer days we've been having.

4. Thunderstorms - as long as I am safe and out of the storm's way, I love to watch the dark clouds move angriliy about, see the lightening light up the sky and then almost jump every time the thunder claps... I could listen to the rain fall for hours. Of course when I went out again the rain hadn't stopped, I could barely see past the window of the car as the windshield wipers worked quickly to whisk the rain away.

5. Small Town service with a smile - My wisdom tooth broke and was causing me so much pain that I just couldn't bare it anymore, I have a pretty high pain tolerance but I just couldn't take it knowing I could only see the dentist the next day... Since the wait in the Ottawa area is anywhere between 4 to 10 hours or more sometimes; I met my mom at the Kemptville hospital to get an antibiotic to start the healing process before the tooth is pulled... The nurses were friendly, kind and understanding; and even though it was a busy night for their emergency room we only waited an hour and a half to be seen by the doctor... I wouldn't do this often as I hate to go to the hospital no matter what, but sometimes you don't have a choice... so I am glad I was able to use their services as my mom lives in the area.

I'm leaving to take the bus to the dentist in about an hour as I don't think I should be driving with tylenol 3 in my system... I am pretty traumatized by the dentist in general due to a long life with bad teeth and a few really bad experiences but my oral surgeon tries to be patient with my fears so I know I will come away feeling less pain; and on the road to recovery...

Until next time :)

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Kristen said...

Glad to know that you did a lot of things this month and truly, those sweets are really mouth-watering. I also wonder how you have dealt with your fear of going to the dentist? It also makes me happy to know that your dentist has been making efforts in taking care of your teeth. Just like my dentist (Charlotte) who is very trusted in giving great oral care to his patients. We must really thank our dentists (Fort Mill) because without them, we wouldn't be able to gain confidence in flashing that 1 million dollar smile.