Monday, June 22, 2009

Dreaming Of Far Away Places ~ Jamaica Day 1

So in May 2009, my sister and I took a week long vacation in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Her Husband is from Jamaica and has some family there who visited us during our stay. It was a fantastic vacation and has my wanderlust in full throttle as to where I could possibly go next.

I thought I'd post a few of the 1500 photos I took while there - yeah I know that's a crazy amount of photos, but I wanted to remember every moment. Also, I was taking photos for myself and my sister. No pressure in taking the photos of her husband's family to bring back home, thankfully he's liked my photos of their children at home.

The first day we relaxed once we finally made it to our destination, and let me tell you how glad I was to see my sister's name on a poster attached to our driver. Once we got to the apartment we were staying in and unpacked a bit, we enjoyed a lovely nap as it was soooo hot. Then our driver collected us to go grocery shopping at the Supermarket where we bought lots of liquids - water & juices, and a few staples like bread and coffee.

Some of the staples: Great Blue Mountain Coffee

Last but not least in our food shopping for the day - we stopped to buy some fruits at the local market with our driver.

Our first dinner adventure was at the Pelican Grill:

It looked pretty nice on the outside, a little upscale from the other restaurants we saw on the strip a few blocks away from our apartment complex. My sister ordered curried goat, I had chicken and rice & peas and we both had a drink to celebrate Mother's Day and our safe arrival in Jamaica. Dinner here was our first lesson in the laissez-faire attitude of the island - Soon Come - meaning things happen when they happen. Dinner tasted pretty good when it arrived.

My sister enjoyed the goat but the rice was a little dried out. My chicken was tender and yummy, but the rice & peas was different than the dish my sister's husband makes - I thought it was missing the coconut milk that he uses. Overall it was still a good meal, the drinks were pretty strong, and although it turned out to be a bit expensive it was a great end to a long day of travelling.

Until next time :)

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