Wednesday, April 16, 2008

101 things in 1001 days

So I decided since I had really not accomplished enough on my list and that I had thrown the list together to get it up and running by January 1st, 2008 that I would amend the list a little and then start again on my birthday, April 18th, 2008.

I hope to update more about it, and actually be able to complete more now that the better weather is here. I really dislike that I was not able to get it done and need to start again, but better to try again then to completely abandon the list as a failure... besides I have completed a few of the items - went to a concert in February, try to laugh more, been trying to sort out my health more, going to my consult for wls on Monday, went to a support group for wls, use my flickr account more and so I will begin again and try to fulfill another goal - procrastinate less!

And so all my posts are not text only lately - a photo of my recently updated magnet inspiration board:

Until next time :)

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